Dr. Nicholas Jeston (going by the fictional name Theodore Rawlson) was a Dragonstorm scientist who worked at Pelvanida Research base.

He set up a dummy account for Dr. Rawlson who held a high administrative position. Dragonstorm used Dr. Rawlson to clear projects or approve shipments...whatever they needed an admin to do. James' team quickly realized something was fishy when they sufficiently analyzed Dr. Rawlson's activity, but it wasn't until Yuri Kerzach and Rudyard Shelton raided Jeston's lab that the two were discovered to be one and the same. Unfortunately the pair were captured by Delta squad before they could warn the others.

Jeston and Howard Hicks missed the departure of Lab 101 because Jeston took too long deleting crucial files demonstrating his guilt. Their arguing was overheard by Anti-Dragonstorm Alliance member Martin Ng, who alerted James' team to their whereabouts. When James Zanasiu and a small team investigated, Jeston attempted to kill Zanasiu with a crowbar. However he was shot by Alfred Byford before he could do so. (Survival of the Fittest)


  • The crowbar was foreshadowed when Shelton opened Jeston's tool closet looking for a weapon, and was disappointed to see the crowbar was missing.
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