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Neku was an experiment created at Pelvanida.

Neku (PX-0715-91)


Darwin's Soldiers, Survival of the Fittest, Disruptive Selection


Psychokinesis, Electrokinesis


Scientists (DS), Anti-Dragonstorm (DS, SOTF), Oruboros (DS3), Dragonstorm (DS3)


Light Green, with Black Stripes


Sky Blue


Light Red-Brown

Weapons of Choice

Twin Electric-powered Beam swords (All), Kusanagi Anti-materiel Beam sword (Not shown yet)

Love Interests

Snow, Hailey



Character sheet[]

The posted character reads as follows:

Name: PX-0715-91

Alias: Neku

Creator: StarfallRaptor

Age: 6 Since Creation (Physically and mentally 17)

Species: Anthro Reptile

Faction: Scientists

Specializations: Psi-Powers

Powers: Kinesis (Can move most anything with his mind. Limited to approx. 600 lbs) ElectroKinesis (Can generate and control electricity from his body, as well as "charge" objects)

Innate ability: Regenerative Factor (Can regrow lost limbs, albeit slowly) Empath (Can sense strong feelings from others)

Psi-Pin-Lock (Using pins with certain markings, can use unique powers, but requires considerable time to recharge, and is limited to six pin types

Personality: Neku is a kind, though somewhat sarcastic young reptilian psi-experiment. He can usually be found rocking out to his headphones that he got from a researcher, and when he's not wearing them, keeps them around his neck. When the terrorists attacked, he revealed a second, darker persona that is reserved solely for those who have hurt him, and as such is utterly devoid of mercy. He has a basic knowledge of martial arts, which he can use to defend himself as a last resort.


Neku is a young male Reptile, with light-green skin and distinctive black stripes over his body. In the first RP, he dressed oddly, favoring a black vest, and black shorts, along with a pair of headphones slung around his neck. He wore metal wrist cuffs as well. In Survival of the Fittest, he continued to wear this same outfit, until he vanished. When he returned in Disruptive Selection, he had traded his vest and shorts for a high-tech battle armor that was fitted to his body, roughly mirroring his original outfit, albiet replacing the shorts with full-length pants, and adds armor over his shoulders and other joints. He still wears his headphones. Odd for a reptile, he possesses hair, which is a light brownish-red color and usually hangs in his face. He always is seen with a pair of headphones around his neck, and wears a distinct pendant.


Neku is a kind, selfless young man, with a strong internal sense of justice. He always wants to believe the best about people, and also seems to have strong bonds with those he calls friends, including Cale, Slash, Agito, Kagetora, Hawkeye, James, and the others. He always wants to do his best to help, willingly putting aside personal goals to do so. However, he also hides a darker side inside him, wracked with guilt over his powers, and fearing himself to be a monster.