Mrs. John Shelton is Rudyard Shelton's mother.

Character historyEdit

As her name would imply, she was married to John Shelton before the commander's death, and renounced her birth name under Switzerland's marriage laws. She had at least two children with him, Rudyard and Nataly. Shelton once mentioned that his mother didn't speak English.

When his son was young, John Shelton flew a small plane across the Baltic Sea with his wife and child. A tropical storm hit the craft, but he successfully completed the flight. (Disruptive Selection)

Her husband had died before the events of March 2009. (Card of Ten). Mention of Shelton having a stepbrother implies she remarried and probably renamed. (Pavlov's Checkmate)

After the Dragonstorm incident, when Admiral Donald Tennes offered Shelton 4 million dollars in hush money, he requested it be split into four pieces, and a quarter of it go to his mother. He requested it be anonymous as they were "not on the best of terms," so the money was staged as a lottery win. (Disruptive Selection)

In October 2008 Shelton admitted to James Zanasiu that he was "still disinherited." (Pavlov's Checkmate)

In September 2022, Shelton refers to Oscar Shelton as "the only other member of his family" alive, meaning his mother probably had died by this point. (Shelton's Last Day)

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