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Mitchell Crota was the lowest-ranking member of Cobalt Squad.

Character historyEdit[]

Crota served basic training with Larry Masters, where they first met. (Ask the Characters) He joined Cobalt Squad after the terrorist incident and so was not part of the Pelvanida resistance team of the time. (Darwin's Soldiers)

He served with Cobalt Squad during all important missions from July 2009 to October 2009.(Survival of the Fittest) Notably, he had an incredibly antagonistic relationship with Rudyard Shelton and killed several high-value Dragonstorm targets, including Breathtaker, Deathwind, and Stalker. He survived the events of the Dragonstorm incident along with Masters and Chris McLean. (Disruptive Selection)

Later Cobalt Squad jumped through the Einstein-Rosen bridge to help collect the captured men who had been led by Richard Warden. (Pavlov's Checkmate)

By 2039, Crota was the last surviving member of the Coblt Squad members who had allied with James' team, and was commander of Carson City Camp. He met James Zanasiu Jr, Malte Kerzach, and Florence Brennan in 2033, and visited the movie theater in 2039 for the reunion with his assistant Waterson. (Disruptive Selection, "CS: Pilot")