Staff Seargent Michael Garrelli was a US Marine sent with his team to aid Pelvanida Research Base.

Character sheetEdit

His posted Character sheet was as follows:

Name: SSgt. Micheal Garrelli

Age: 31

Species: Human

Faction: Solider

Specializations: Garrelli is a rifleman. Excellet Aim with any sort of rifle, can snipe when necessary but typically likes to be were the action is. Carries a standard M16 rifle, a Colt 45. Service pistol, A frag grenade, a Kabar knife, a Zippo lighter. Wears Dragonskin Body Armor (if ever in doubt, look this stuff up, it is INSANE, but used commonly by the US Military)

Personality: Not much is known about Garrelli by his peers. He was abandon as a small child and raised in a loving foster home. He got married at the age of only 19, the marriage lasted only 6 months as the girl he married was using him to gain citizenship. she robbed him of all most all he had and then attempted to make false accusations against him. broken, angry, and physically able, He joined to USMC were he could start over. He figured that with the USMC he would have food, a place to sleep, and something to keep him busy. He was defiantly right. many years later he is now an elite NCO. He has been to the middle east multiple times and would have been happy to go back again had he not been offered an even better position. throughout his service, He has has been known to do whatever it took to get a job done. He has been reported to have used improvised weapons such as a lead pipe or smashed bottles on multiple occasions. there were even rumors going around his last platoon that he joined the USMC just so he could kill people. Despite the generally cold and emotionless side of himself that he tends to show, He keeps his friends close, and wouldn't hesitate to lay down his life for his buddies.

Character historyEdit

Garrelli was sent with his team via helicopter to Pelvanida. Unfortunately, the copter was shot down before arriving, and Garrelli was the only survivor. He continued alone to the research base where her joined the resistance group against the terrorists, forming a particularly strong bond with Dragore Wing.(Darwin's Soldiers)

His fate following the bio-bomb from Crimson Base is unknown, but he probably perished. (Ground One)


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