Dr. Micah Landon, who went for a time as Douglass Landon, was a scientist stationed at Pelvanida Research Station. He has established a friendship with Aisha Tennes.

Character historyEdit

Before being at Pelvanida, he practiced as a part-time doctor in Las Vegas. His old hospital was destroyed in the fight between Aimee, Neku, Hailey, and death. (Disruptive Selection)

July 2009 to September 2009Edit

When James' team infiltrated Pelvanida to eradicate Dragonstorm, Landon met Aisha at the door and offered his assistance. He has followed along with her ever since. (Survival of the Fittest, Disruptive Selection)

After the Dragonstorm incident, Admiral Donald Tennes offered Landon 10 million dollars in hush money. This was far more than anyone else received, due to the destruction of his clinic. He married Zyanya and has three kids: Donald, Zya and Micah Landon jr.. (Disruptive Selection)

Landon opened a new clinic in Carson City, Nevada. He received a call from Aisha Tennes asking him about fentacyamine because Steven Johnson, Carol Smithson, and Oscar Shelton hypothesized it was the cure to the illness plaguing Sophie Donitz. They picked Landon up in a stolen Humvee, and he synthesized a cure while part of a car chase down Route 50. He cured Sophie and gave her three more vials of the cure so she could save Werner's, Hans', and Seska's lives. (Next of Kin)

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