Menken was a butcher on Gaman and Werner's confidante on the Gamanian colony on Gaman's moon.

Character historyEdit

During the first encounter with James' team, Menken was in the woods with his sons when they discovered Neku and Snow, who had just been released out of the bridge. Menken and his sons captured the pair and sold them to the performing house as spectacles.

Later, when the Sapaar took over the planet, Menken joined Werner's Union in resisting their rule. He was guarding the door when Werner brought James' team to visit their headquarters. Menken later participated in the assault on the nuclear power plant.

When the Sapaar initiated the destruction of Gaman, Menken followed Werner and escaped the planet on Werner's shuttlecraft. He and Brut manned the explosive release hatch during the space dogfight, and later on the planet Menken survived the Sapaar raid with only a large gash across his back. He was the only Gamanian to prevent his weapon from being stolen by the Sapaar.

Later, Menken proposed the name "Verner" for their new united colony. (Ship of State)

The name eventually morphed into Vurna, and Menken served as Werner's second-in-command. While living in Vurna, he had two more children, a boy and a girl. Later, when Werner fell ill with the gate plague, he promoted Menken and Trano to lead the colony. Menken and Trano proved to be poor leaders, but managed to find common ground in their difficulties leading, and Werner insisted they retain leadership even after he was cured. (Next of Kin)



  • Menken is the only inhabitant of Gaman other than Seska to appear in both parts of Card of Ten. His name is also the first Gamanian name heard.
  • Menken's sons are never mentioned in Ship of State. Their fate is unknown. He has a son and a daughter in Next of Kin, but they are so young they almost certainly were born on Gaman’s moon.
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