Marcus was a member of the elite group that was known as Terror Squad, an African-American man.

Joining Terror SquadEdit

Not much is known on what he was doing before he became part of Terror Squad, however, one thing that was known is that he was a telecomunications expert and was recruited by Trinity to be part of the team along side Hailey, Icarus and Rhino.

Being part of Terror SquadEdit

In his time in Terror Squad, he and the others took on Subject 18 in order to stop him as well as stealing a thought chip among other things. However, his biggest achievement one could argue was his final showdown where he, Icarus and Rhino were all killed.

His deathEdit

His death was a different one than the others persay as he took on both Aimee and Alfred at once, taking the damage they had thrown at him and seemed to shrug it off as if it were nothing. However, as he was preoccupied in the fight, he was shot in the back multiple times by Jayden, which in turn, ended his life.