Las Vegas is a popular city in Nevada.

In July 2009, a Dragonstorm convoy escaping the ready-to-explode Pelvanida Research Base drove through Las Vegas, chased by Humvees and SUVs driven by James' team and ADSA scientists. Some Las Vegas residents opened fire on the convoy and its chasers indiscriminately during this incident, but the convoy escaped. This event made national news. (Survival of the Fittest)

Later Aimee, Xanthus, Neku, and Hailey fought Death in an incendiary fight full of collateral damage. Xanthus and Hailey did not survive the events. (Disruptive Selection)

In October 2009, after Dragonstorm was defeated, Rudyard Shelton got a job with the casinos in Las Vegas, helping them rig their gambling machines so they could make more money. (Pavlov's Checkmate)

In real lifeEdit

Ignoring the collateral damage it sustains in Darwin's Soldiers, Las Vegas is protrayed almost exactly like it is in real life, a large desert city with a reputation for gambling.

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