Lab 101 Map

The infiltration plan of Lab 101 written by Rudyard Shelton.

Lab 101 was a new lab added to Pelvanida Research Base following the terrorist incident. It was off-limits to all personnel except those of the highest clearance. It was actually created by Dragonstorm, who took advantage of the power vaccuum created by the terrorist incident.

Ian Branston was in charge of monitoring the lab's security and safety, though he didn't have clearance to enter. Howard Hicks was the only person shown to have clearance, though the other Dragonstorm leaders Johnson Zenarchis, Keegan O'Neil, and Lester Montgomery could be presumed to have adequate clearance as well.

When James' team attacked Pelvanida in July 2009, Lab 101 was part of a last-ditch plan, referred to as Project Exodus, where the lab detached from the rest of the base and escaped in a Dragonstorm convoy. James' team, aided by ADSA, gave chase but untimately gave up the chase. Rudyard Shelton and Yuri Kerzach stowed away and for the next three months lived undercover lives among Dragonstorm.

Lab 101 camped out in the woods of Oregon, and became the new Dragonstorm headquarters. For several months it developed and took over its portion of the forest, cutting down the signature Oregon white oak tree in its area. In August 2009, Dr. Bruce Tinner knocked out everyone in the base during his failed installment of the virtual reality machine, an incident which resulted in the deaths of Tinner, Alpha Leader, Beta Leader, Gamma Leader ,and Eddie McKay.

James' team attacked the base and destroyed it in September 2009, though a large convoy of personnel escaped under the leadership of Shelton and Rucker Jamesson.

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