Kyriel was the commander of Texas Base.

Character sheetEdit

The following character sheet was not posted in the role-play, but instead was part of a large amount of brief bios Mirumoto_Kenjiro posted in a separate thread dedicated to his characters.

Name: Kyriel
Age: 20s to 30s
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Faction: Assassin, Dragonstorm
Specialization/Knowledge: Archery, poisons, viral research
Weapons/Equipment: Japanese-style bow w/ sharpened upper half above the handle like a sword, modern arrows w/ various tips
Personality: Dark, enjoys watching others suffer, speaks few words

Character historyEdit

Kyriel commanded Texas Base for most of its existence, and even commanded the respect of Johnson Zenarchis despite him outranking her. She oversaw the interrogation of Shakila Brennan and was accosted with hallucinations of a little girl. She died when her base was destroyed by exploives set up by Ryu Kagetora. (Disruptive Selection)

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