King Gamas was the leader of the kingdom of Gaman during the visit by Dr. Zanasiu's away team.

Like all kings of Gaman, this king shed his birth name upon ascension to the throne, taking the name Gamas in honor of the founder of the kingdom.

Character historyEdit

When James, Zachary, Siberys, Snow, and Neku were captured at the playhouse, they were brought to King Gamas, who kept them in a guarded tent outside the castle and had their weapons stored in a secure place for studying. He introduced himself upon their awakening and explained the history of Gaman and the rival society Sapaar during a walk to his castle.

After introducing them to Seska and showing them the castle, King Gamas used false pretenses to imprison them, however Zachary used his belt to hold King Gamas hostage and force the guards to let them go.

While his troops attempted to capture the escapees, King Gamas led Seska to the throne room and hid her in a secret passageway. When Siberys threatened Seska's life, the king agreed to stand his troops down. However, after the team fled the castle the king immediately sent his troops after them. (Card of Ten)

He was not seen or referenced during the away team's second visit to Gaman. It is unlikely the Sapaar allowed him to live after overthrowing the Gaman rule.


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