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Kevin's avatar in the virtual reality machine

Kevin was a 15-year old kid who kidnapped Hailey due to jealousy regarding her video game skills. He trapped her in his virtual reality machine in the hopes that his AI could kill her. He was unsuccessful. (Gamer, Gamer 2)

As an enemy in Gamer 2, Kevin has identical mechanics to the player. He fires his own derezzer, is protected by his own deflector plate and respawns at his own Checkpoint. Hailey must destroy his first checkpoint to stop him from respawning, whereupon he reveals a second, hidden checkpoint on the ropes of the arena level. Hailey must destroy this second checkpoint in order to defeat Kevin.


  • Kevin didn't look like himself while in the machine; instead he was a palette swap of Hailey. He admitted that such a feature was 'hard-coded' into the machine.
  • After beating the game, Kevin appears in the menu level, trapped in a grey box in the upper right hand corner. He'll mimic the player's movement.