Ken was Dr. James Zanasiu's assistant at Pelvanida.

Character historyEdit

When the terrorists attacked, Ken was with Dr. Zanasiu in his lab. Ken used a beaker of acid to incapacitate a terrorist. The two then left the lab and soon met up with Ender McThair. The three searched the labs, and Ken was held hostage by a terrorist. After James and Ender rescued him, Ken killed his assailant. Ken later killed one more terrorist with an axe during a standoff with terrorists outside the lab. (Darwin's Soldiers)

James, Ender, and Ken were taken to meet Ashley, the terrorist leader, where they witnessed the failures of her plan to reconnect with the matter universe through the Einstein-Rosen bridge. They escaped the lab after Crimson Base's bio-bomb killed all but four of Pevanida's occupants. They then lived in the Robinson family's cellar for six months until meeting the surviving members of the away team. Together the team killed Tardigan and escaped the quarantine zone, though Ken had to sacrifice himself to prevent a prototype bio-bomb from being unleashed outside the quarantine zone. (Ground One)



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