For the Darwin's Soldiers Reboot (Furtopia) character, see Keith Bailey (Furtopia reboot).

Dr. Keith Bailey was instated as control room admin of Pelvanida Research Base after its previous occupant, Rudyard Shelton, was deported following the terrorist incident.

Character sheetEdit

Serris' posted character sheet is as follows:

Name: Dr. Keith Bailey

Creator: Serris
Age: 53
Species: Anthro Monitor Lizard
Faction: Scientist (Allied)
Knowledge: has access to the base's computer system. Capable of hacking.
Powers/Cybernetic enhancement:N/A
Personality: Quiet and reserved. Has no sense of humor. Somewhat cold in personal interactions.
Appearance: A solid dark gold Australian Monitor Lizard with amber colored eyes.

Character historyEdit

Before July 2009Edit

Keith Bailey worked at Pelvanida during the terrorist incident, and was one of the personnel who survived both the incident and the series of layoffs that happened afterwards. Since both Rudyard Shelton and Robin Kyle were laid off, Ian Branston and Keith Bailey were promoted to control room admin and backup admin, respectively. Since Branston always had other Dragonstorm-related things to do, Bailey commonly found himself running the base.

July 2009Edit

When James Zanasiu led his team to retake Pelvanida, Bailey independantly discovered the evil actions and motivations of Dragonstorm and chose to help out the attackers. For most of the invasion, he provided technological support from the control room, much ike his predecessor had. Once the base was in danger of being destroyed, Bailey was shuttled out with the remaining neutral or ADSA personnel. (Survival of the Fittest)

September 2009Edit

Bailey continued to keep in touch with James' team after the incident and followed them for most of the ordeal. During the infiltration of Trinity Facility, he posed as Dragonstrorm scientist Winters.

Keith Bailey died on the oil rig when he tried to reach the first-aid kit and Johnson Zenarchis cut his arm off with a fire axe. Mitchell Crota, Gustave Chiumbo, and Sharon Varma brought his body back to the battleship and it was given a proper burial after the fact. ('Disruptive Selection)



  • Keith Bailey was originally made for the rebooted Furtopia roleplay after LettuceBacon&Tomato's character, Rudyard Shelton, showed how useful it was to have a mechanical/hacking character around. As a result, his skills and position are virtually the same as Shelton. When LettuceBacon&Tomato originally chose not to reprise his character for Survival of the Fittest, Serris brought Bailey in to take Shelton's place.
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