Joey was an experiment created at Pelvanida Research Base.

Character HistoryEdit

February 2009Edit

Joey was stuck in his cage during the intial terrorist attack. During Hans Donitz' change of heart, he freed Joey, who later told Werner Donitz about the man who freed him. This sparked Werner's suspicions that his father was among the attackers.

Later, during the climactic final battle for the Einstein-Rosen Bridge, Joey was seen again, wielding a hunk of rebar. (Darwin's Soldiers (GOF RP))

Sometime after the incident, Joey became a bartender at the Airport lounge in the Los Angeles airport. He was on duty over 24 years later when Werner and Pomson met James to discuss Hans' death. (the Disease)


  • Joey's psionic power was never stated in the original role-play. In the Disease, he mentions that he developed telekinesis after the events of the first RP due to "additional experimentation."
  • Until the Shakespeare clone reappeared in Next of Kin, Joey had the longest real-world gap between appearances out of all characters in Darwin's Soldiers, one of over 9 years between March 7 2009 to June 2018.


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