Jesyca was a child living in Vurna.

Character historyEdit

Jesyca stole flint from Kixoo's bakery and sold it to Aron. He and Sophie later used the flint repeatedly to light Sallowroot for smoking. Sophie carried this flint when she jumped to Earth, though she stopped being able to use it when she ran out of sallowroot.

When Werner learned about Jesyca's thievery, he warned Sophie he'd need to alert the entire colony to keep a closer eye on their belongings. (Next of Kin)


  • Like many other characters from Gaman, Jesyca's name is a warped name from Shakespeare. Namely, Jessica from The Merchant of Venice. Fittingly, both Jessicas are thieves.
  • Jesyca is the only Gaman character not explicitly stated whether she’s Gaman or Sapaar.
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