James Zanasiu was a scientist stationed at Pelvanida Research Base.

Character sheetEdit

Name: James Zanasiu
Age: 25
Species: Human
Faction: Scientist
Knowledge: First aid, some weapons familiarity, knowledge of facility layout.
Powers/Cybernetic enhancement: N/A
Personality: James is a jovial and friendly man. He appears carefree and irreverent but he can turn serious when the situation demands. He works mainly in the biologic enhancement department but he has spent some time in the weapons department.

Character historyEdit

James Zanasiu was in his lab 4 levels below the surface when the terrorists attacked the facility. With his surviving assistant Ken, he fought his way out of his lab and headed further down. He quickly met up with Ender McThair in a mechanics lab and started searching the labs. When Ken was held hostage by a terrorist, James and Ender rescued him. The three then began a standoff with terrorists outside their lab. (Darwin's Soldiers)

James, Ender, and Ken were taken to meet Ashley, the terrorist leader, where they witnessed the failures of her plan to reconnect with the matter universe through the Einstein-Rosen bridge. They escaped the lab after Crimson Base's bio-bomb killed all but four of Pevanida's occupants. They then lived in the Robinson family's cellar for six months until meeting the surviving members of the away team. Together the team killed Tardigan and escaped the quarantine zone. (Ground One)

James, Ender and the surviving members of the away team were re-integrated into the populations of their anti-matter universe and used their scientific knowledge to create many technological advancements. However, the away team unknowingly brought a deadly strain of Shelton's disease with them, and died a few years later. Anyone who met them, presumably including James, died soon after. (Find the Cure!)


  • James is the first character seen in all of Darwin's Soldiers and also has the first on-screen kill.
  • Whereas James from the Gang of five RPs has only a single assistant, this James has at least four. However, all but Ken are soon killed or incapacitated.
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