James Zanasiu was an artificial intelligence created as part of the training scenario programmed by Bruce Tinner for his virtual reality machine. He was a recreation of the real James Zanasiu. In it, James was an enemy spy attempting to detonate a bomb in the control room. His plan was stopped by Dr. Rudyard Shelton. (Schrödinger's Prisoners)

Months later, he was again revived by Eddie McKay to help him blow up the machine. James leant his help, and the machine, along with the AI, was destroyed. (Nietzsche's Soldiers)


  • It is unknown if James was a scientist at the time of the incident, since he was not referred to as "Dr. James Zanasiu" in either appearance.
  • Eddie might have picked the James AI to help him blow up the machine since it was originally programmed to be a destructive force.
  • It is unclear why Tinner chose James to be the enemy staff member in the scenario. It is possible, as Shelton hypothesized, that Tinner did not like James for some reason, but when the real James was told about Dr. Tinner, he was not familiar with the name. It's also possible the spy AI was randomly selected.


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