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General Jake Moby was the commander of Carson City Camp.

Character history[]

During the terrorist invasion of Pelvanida General Moby recieved a probe droid (sent by Rudyard Shelton) with 'S.O.S.' carved into it. Underestimating the severity of the cry for help, he sent a single team to go see what was the matter. It was the only military support Pelvanida recieved during the terrorist incident.

Afterward, Carson City Camp noted Dragonstorm slowly taking over Pelvanida. Worried about this underground movement, Moby assembled the available Pelvanida personnel who had lost their jobs in the wake of the terrorist incident. He offered to supply them with weapons and a means of transportation if they returned to Pelvanida to discover Dragonstorm's goals and hopefully stop them. Later, he also got in contact with Rudyard Shelton, who had been exported to Austria, and arranged to have him flown to Pelvanida via helicopter.

While the team was moderately successful at routing Dragonstorm's hold on Pelvanida, it came at the cost of the research base and the discovery that Dragonstorm's reach extended far out of Nevada, operating bases spread out across the United States. (Survival of the Fittest) Moby did his best to keep military pressure off of James' team regarding the vigilantism they were doing.

After the destruction of the oil rig by James' team, the final Dragonstorm hold, Moby collected the surviving teammates and congratulated them. He arranged substantial rewards for all of them and promised their sacrifices would not be forgotten.(Disruptive Selection)

When James Zanasiu, Werner Donitz, Cale, Aisha Tennes, and Shelton routed Richard Warden's time-traveling smuggling ring, Moby brought military reinforcements to aid in the interrogation and incarceration of the defeated, and suggested to James that if he ever needed to jump forward in time, he'd authorize a single use of the Einstein-Rosen bridge for him. (Pavlov's Checkmate) James later cashed in this favor to jump through in 2023, his reasons for which being a mystery. ("CS:Pilot")

Moby was still in command of Carson City camp at the time Sophie Donitz visited. He made her acquaintance once, but locked her in her room and decided that she would not be allowed to return to Vurna because of her value to scientific research. Unfortunately, Steven Johnson, Carol Smithson and Oscar Shelton disagreed and rescued her. With the help of Aisha and Micah Landon, the three returned Sophie to Pelvanida so she could make her bridge home with the cure to the gate plague. (Next of Kin)

At some point in the next thirty years, he was replaced as commander of Carson City Camp by Mitchell Crota. (Disruptive Selection)