Idaho Prison Base is the colloqual name for a penitentiary stationed on the western border of Idaho and Oregon. Dr. Julia Race was the leader of the base.

The penitentiary was a Dragonstorm headquarters, and the inmates were used as test subjects for the scientists' experiments. Among the experiments was the recently captured Hailey, whom Trinity brainwashed and gave the power of pyrokinesis in her personal testing chamber.

In September 2009, the convoy of survivors from Lab 101 evacuated to the Idaho Prison Base. Shortly thereafter, the base was attacked by anti-Dragonstorm commandos led by Neku. After crippling the base's defenses and rescuing Hailey, the base was destroyed by a nuclear airstrike sent from Crimson Base. Only Dragonstorm personnel not already in the base had time to escape. (Disruptive Selection)



Unlike Lab 101, Idaho Prison Base was near a strip joint, to the delight of several personnel who'd recently transferred from Lab 101.

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