Darwin's soldiers hotel

The Holiday Inn Express

The Holiday Inn Express was a hotel in Culeston where James' team stayed one night after the assault and destruction of Trinity Facility.

Darwin's Soldiers Dr Pepper machine

The Dr. Pepper machine inside the hotel

Rooming arrangementEdit

  • Hailey and Kiara shared a room, but neither ended up sleeping in it.
  • Neku had his own room, but Hailey later came and slept with him.
  • Ryu Kagetora had his own room, but Kiara later came and slept with him.


  • The hotel was one of the few locations visited by James' team that was not destroyed or damaged in any way.
  • The first four sex scenes in all of Darwin's Soldiers (Aydin/Aimee, Shelton/Shakila, Neku/Hailey, Kiara/Kagetora) occured during the one night in this hotel.
  • Since Noname posted an image of the hotel, this is the only Darwin's Soldiers location that has been shown in picture form, not counting the infiltration plan Shelton drew of Lab 101.
  • The pictures Noname posted are actually of a Hotel in Toledo, Oregon and a soda machine in DeGraff, Ohio.