The hangar of Pelvanida was where the terrorists staked out their main headquarters and built their Einstein-Rosen bridge.

James' team along with Atticus Ædelwulf and the Sublevel guard, attacked the terrorists and held them off long enough for Rudyard Shelton and James Zanasiu to reach the backup generator and blow up the bridge, killing the remaining terrorists. (Darwin's Soldiers (GOF RP))

The hangar was blown up like the rest of Pelvanida in the Crimson Base Airstrike in July 2009. (Survival of the Fittest)

Many years later, a Humvee carrying Aisha Tennes, Steven Johnson, Carol Smithson, Oscar Shelton, Micah Landon, and Sophie Donitz crashed into the hangar while returning Sophie to the Einstein-Rosen Bridge to Vurna. (Next of Kin)

Other versionsEdit

In the virtual Pelvanida created by Bruce Tinner for his virtual reality machine, the enemy NPCs from the first task invaded the base from the hangar.

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