Halsey was the commander of the terrorists that attacked Pelvanida Research Base in February 2009.

Character historyEdit

before February 2009Edit

Halsey grew up on the streets of Carson City county with his twin sister Ashley, where he worked innumerable odd jobs to keep them fed despite living in an alleyway. When his sister was abducted by Pelvanida, he had no idea where she went and searched for her in vain. He was a student at a nearby university when she appeared to him using her phasing ability from the anti-matter universe. He spent the rest of his college career diagnosing her condition and invented a process by which he could return her to her home universe. However, the bridge would require thousands of dollars of expensive equipment only available at nearby Pelvanida.

To this end, Halsey gathered up disenchanted German immigrants and formed a terrorist camp that holed out in the Nevada deserts, promising them a new life in a new universe. After years of training and preparation, they attacked the base in February 2009. (Ground One)

Halsey had a daughter named Pomson. He treated her like any of his men, causing her to grow up with strict adherence to military doctrine. ("CS:Origins") Years after his death, Pomson mentioned to Werner Donitz that Halsey never spoke about his parents, and she suspected he'd never even known them. (the Disease)

February 2009Edit

The terrorists immediately barricaded the base physically and electronically, preventing anything from entering or exiting (the only known exception was Cobalt Squad, who broke in through a second floor window). Halsey set up his main base in the hangar, where he also began building his Einstein-Rosen bridge.

After hearing that his men were having problems securing Lockdown, a necessary source of fuel for the bridge, Halsey led a small team along with his second-in-command Broughton to Auxiliary control. There, in a shootout against James' team, Cobalt squad, and the redeemed sublevel guard Halsey's men were pinned down and all killed. Halsey himself was shot through the eye by Cale. (Darwin's Soldiers)



  • Halsey's invention of the Einstein-Rosen bridge is one of the two defining events responsible for almost all the conflict in Darwin's Soldiers. The other is Johnson Zenarchis' organization of Dragonstorm.
  • Halsey's name can be rearranged to spell Ashley, his twin sister's name.
  • In Next of Kin, Hans mentioned that Halsey passed out prinophalyne to his lieutenants to help them find Lockdown so he could be used to power the bridge.
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