Gilead Conch was a block of coral Sir Beys installed as CEO of SORA Gas & Electric. It was unclear whether the coral was alive or not, though if it was alive it would be much easier to pass off as a CEO. Since Conch couldn't actually do anything, Sir Beys could do whatever he liked as Conch's assistant.

Conch was destroyed when DS-1 visited the plant and activated the autoturrets. To hit Hippolytes, who hid behind Conch's desk, the autoturret shot through Conch and his desk, destroying both. (Nietzsche's Soldiers 2)


  • Gilead Conch was written because LettuceBacon&Tomato wanted to test the weirdest anthropomorphic species Serris would let him get away with. (Several earlier characters, like Eddie McKay the fly and Beta Leader the Piltdown man, were earlier tests.) Gilead turned out to be the breaking point, and Serris posted definitive rules for what species can be anthropomorphic from that point onwards.
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