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Gerald Q. Anderson was a scientist who worked for Rodrigo Sanchez. With his assistant Spencer Ericson, he constructed Dragonstorm A-2.

Character sheet[]

The following character sheet was not posted in the role-play, but instead was part of a large amount of brief bios Mirumoto_Kenjiro posted in a separate thread dedicated to his characters.

Name: Professor Gerald Q Anderson
Age: 57
Gender: Male
Species: Badger
Faction: Scientist, Dragonstorm (Unknowing)
Specialization/Knowledge: Computer programming, artificial-intelligence research & development
Weapons/Equipment: None
Personality: Cheerful, enthusiastic, devoted to his work

Character History[]

Professor Anderson was not aware of the criminal nature of the organization he worked for; he simply loved his work as a constructor of artificial intelligences. He was very excited when he completed the project with Spencer and displayed it to Mr. Sanchez, who was summarily impressed. (Disruptive Selection)