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Gamer is an unfinished story written by MrDrake. It was started on July 4, 2011, and can be read here.

Plot synopsis[]

The story takes place an unspecified period of time before Disruptive Selection. Hailey awakens naked in an unfamiliar place. A 15-year old kid named Kevin appears and informs her that she's stuck in his virtual reality machine and will have to fight her way to safety.

He then pits her against a dragon in a Coliseum, which she defeats with a sword. Kevin then sicced Ace on her. While wrestling Ace, Hailey is body-slammed and the pair break through the floor.

Ace flies to safety while Hailey lands in a white void. Kora appears to her and explains that Kevin has stolen control of the machine from his father Charles, who built the machine for a company. Kora explains that in order to escape Hailey will have to play along and win the game, while looking for glitches to take advantage of.

Hailey travels through a portal to an underground bunker. After running afoul of Nazi troopers, she is ultimately captured and led to the Nazi commander. The commander explains politely that he is under orders to kill her, but Hailey defeats him and his guards using a chair as an improvised weapon. She attempts to escape the base, but she is assaulted by Ace again who busts through a wall. Hailey escapes through the wall into a section of the game that is unfinished. Escaping Ace by falling into an uncoded void, Hailey awakens and finds herself on the streets of an abandoned city. She guesses that either monsters or zombies will be her next opponent.