Dr. Kurt Fenton Bradley was a scientist at Pelvanida Research base and a member of the Anti-Dragonstorm Alliance. He normally went by the name 'Fenton Bradley.' His assistant was Riley.

Character HistoryEdit

Before July 2009Edit

In 2008, Bradley euthanized a rat experiment A113 (Disruptive Selection).

Bradley and his assistant Riley confronted Dr. Ian Branston regarding the unusual priveliges and secrecy regarding Lab 101, but Branton brushed them off. (Darwin's Soldiers Drabbles)

July 2009Edit

Dr. Bradley was working with Riley in the ADSA headquarters when Wayne Anthony brought James' team there. They went with James' team to the control room. Later, when Dragonstorm soldiers assaulted the control room, Bradley was hit in the shoulder and could no longer fight. (Survival of the Fittest)

Bradley evaucated Pelvanida with Keith Bailey, but then returned to try and stop the bomb. James' team got to it first. When Crimson Base airstriked Pelvanida, Bradley saved his and Anthony's life by dragging the unconscious Anthony to a reinforced cell in the sublevels.

September 2009Edit

After the destruction of Pelvanida, Bradley worked at Crimson Base with Anthony, Falco, and Bjurling and worked on a serum to kill Dragonstorm experiments. He was killed when New Peenemunde Harbor bombed the base. (Disruptive Selection)



  • Dr. Bradley was the second-to-last character still standing in the control room during the shootout.
  • In the second RP, Dr. Bradley carried a silver Desert Eagle.
  • In Darwin's Soldiers Drabbles, he was referred to as "Kurt Bradley." It was later explained in Disruptive Selection that Fenton is his middle name.
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