Ezekiel was the commander of New Peenemunde Harbor and a high-ranking Dragonstorm official.

Character sheetEdit

The following character sheet was not posted in the role-play, but instead was part of a large amount of brief bios Mirumoto_Kenjiro posted in a separate thread dedicated to his characters.

Name: Ezekiel
Age: 30s
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Faction: Assassin, Dragonstorm
Specialization/Knowledge: Martial arts, weapons & computer technology
Powers: For some reason, he can't speak, so he used a hidden electronic voice box to speak
Weapons/Equipment: Iron staff/scepter with wireless controls, electromagnetic field generator emitted at various levels (even lethal), and hidden blades
Personality: Wise, observant, highly intelligent

Character historyEdit

Ezekiel commanded the harbor with an iron fist, and sent several highly-trained experiments off on missions including Stalker and Breathtaker. When DS-2 was transferred to the harbor, he quarelled with its commander and knocked him out.

When Soundwave attacked the base and demanded that its personnel leave, Ezekiel refused to surrender and dueled the AI with his powerful scepter. Soundwave defeated him fatally, securing control over the base. (Disruptive Selection)

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