Ethan Garner was a patient at the Culeston General Hospital, and briefly a member of James' team.

Character sheetEdit

Ethan's posted character sheet was as follows:

Name: Ethan Garner
Species: Human
Faction: Soldier
Appearance: light skin, dark brown spikey hair and blue eyes.
Specializations: Stealth,hand-to-hand combat, firearms, knives and swords.
Personality:Calm and easygoing, Cody always focuses on getting the job done.

Character historyEdit

September 2009Edit

Ethan was a member of Delta squad, and the squad's only survivor.

Ethan was transported to the hospital after the Redwood Inn was bombed. At some point after fully recovering from his wounds, Garner heard the battle between Subject 19 and members of James' team. Retrieving his weapons and armor, Garner advanced down the hallway, and encountered a group of men from James' team. Briefly holding the team at gunpoint, he then lowered his pistol and introduced himself. He was then left behind when the team evacuated the hospital, and his later fate is unknown. (Disruptive Selection)



  • Ethan spent less time on James' team than any other member, and had the least screen time of any main character in all of Darwin's Soldiers in the Gang of Five continuity. The comparable main character in the Furtopia continuity is Kven-Ulf.
  • Ethan is (possibly) different from Ethan, the Dragonstorm plant that helped Dragonstorm smuggle medical supplies out of the hospital, even though (according to Rudyard Shelton's description) both have similar appearances.
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