The electric rifle was a piece of experimental weaponry created at Pelvanida in the AWTR. When fired, the rifle shot a bullet, but maintained an electric current that sent a bolt of lightning in the bullet's wake. If loaded with a specially designed blank, it can be used just to generate an electrical current.

It was created at least a year before the terrorist incident, as Bruce Tinner coded it into the virtual Pelvanida in his virtual reality machine. During a simulation, Rudyard Shelton used it to clear the CPU of a virus. (Schrodinger's Prisoners)

It was wielded by a female sharpshooter terrorist when James' team assaulted the control room. She dropped the rifle and used her sidearm during the battle. (Darwin's Soldiers)

As the electric rifle survived the destruction of Pelvanida and appeared in Dragonstorm's hands later, it was presumably among the experimental weapons picked up by Dragonstorm mercenaries sent by Ian Branston during the second invasion. (Survival of the Fittest)

Later, when DS-1 investigated SORA Gas & Electric, Sir Beys revealed the electric rifle to be among the items he had accrued for his private collection. He killed Kenneth Palin with it and shot Dolon, who survived. Amphinomus and Protesilaus later stole the rifle and brought it to the generator room, but Sir Beys prevented them from using it to destroy the building. Hippolytes made a surprise appearance and blew up the rifle with a grenade, causing a chain reaction which destroyed SORA. (Nietzsche's Soldiers 2)


  • Despite its many appearances, the gun only successfully shoots and kills one person, Kenneth Palin.
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