Eddie McKay was one of Dr. Bruce Tinner's assistants, and later a member of Dragonstorm who defected.

Character HistoryEdit

Before February 2009Edit

Eddie was one of Dr. Tinner's assistants, along with Smithson, who assisted in the test run of Tinner's virtual reality machine. He witnessed the testing team enter the machine, and was present to help the fatigued team as they came back out. (Schrödinger's Prisoners)

August 2009Edit

After the Dragonstorm evacuation of Pelvanida, Eddie came along with Dr. Tinner, and helped adapt the virtual reality machine so that it could hide Dragonstorm. However as the project was nearing its completion he sabotaged the machine, and as punishment had his mind wiped. However, with the help of Rudyard Shelton, Yuri Kerzach, and an AI, he destroyed the machine, but was killed in the process (Nietzsche's Soldiers)


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