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Drake is an experiment that was created by Old Mother Hubbard, however, since her passing, he has taken over her duties to continue working with Dragonstorm.

He had created Soundwave to help him out with his machine along with finishing off the constuction of the Hydra.


He usually has a rather calm nature about him, not tending to raise his voice, however, there has been an instance where he has, which was in the ensuring battle at his hideout, after getting ticked off at both Hailey and Neku as they broke through his defences.

Fighting Style[]

He also has a rather unique fighting style as he used his flute to create music, which in turn, would cause any intruders to dance, leaving themselves vulnerable as he was then able to strike them with the flute itself.

Drake was killed by Neku and Hailey when the pair assaulted and destroyed his machine. (Disruptive Selection)