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Dragore Wing was an experiment created at Pelvanida Research Base. His experiment code was 009.

Character sheet[]

Name:dragore wing
Faction: exparament
Knowledge:how to kill
Powers/Cybernetic Enhancement:nano bots
Personality: aggressive and protective

Character history[]

Dragore was a war orphan kidnapped at the age of five by Dr. Eclipse, who turned him and his brother into dragons and gave them nanobot-imbued immunity. Dragore escaped from his glass cage during the terrorist incident and quickly joined up with SSgt. Michael Garrelli and later the rest of the resistance group. Dragore was almost killed on two occasions but survived both. (Darwin's Soldiers)

Dragore was one of four characters who survived the initial bio-bomb, but in the worst possibe way. His regenerative abilities kept him alive even as the atmosphere ate away constantly at his flesh. This drove him insane and he tried to kill the other survivors, who left him in Pelvanida. As he was not present when the away team returned, he either left the base or eventually succumbed to his injuries. (Ground One)



  • Dragore's first post is the only post in any roleplay written from a first-person point of view.
  • Despite his character sheet listing his species as dragon, his backstory explains that he was a human forcibly transformed against his will. He and his brother are the only known characters of this style of anthropomorphism.
  • Comments by the author suggest that this character was named Dragore Wing even before his kidnapping and tranformation.
  • Since Find the Cure! mentions the death of James and Ender, Dragore is the only possibly surviving character from the Furtopia roleplay.