Dragonstorm code was used by Dragonstorm to refer to individuals, locations, and projects in a secretive manner. Based on the individuals given code names in the RPs and stories, scientists and DS team members, at least, were given codenames.

Most codenames are taken from Homer's Iliad, though examples from the Odyssey, Aeneid,and other mythological or religious texts have appeared.

Individuals with known codenamesEdit

Darwin's SoldiersEdit

In addition, enemy units were referred to as "Greeks" or "serpents".

Nietzsche's Soldiers 2'Edit

New DivideEdit

Disruptive SelectionEdit


  • In the fight between Dragonstorm and James' team, whichever side had the advantage was said to have the "palladium.
  • Project Exodus was the name for the emergency operation that allowed Lab 101 to separate from the rest of Pelvanida and escape in a convoy through Las Vegas and into the forests of Oregon.
  • Trinity's codenames do not follow the patterns of the other codenames; she had used more than one, and none of them come from Greek mythology. It's possible none of these are her 'true' Dragonstorm codename, and she either disregards her assigned codename, or keeps it secret.
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