Admiral Donald Tennes is a high-ranking officer at Carson City Camp. His daughter is Aisha Tennes.

Character historyEdit

July 2009Edit

Tennes contacted Dr. James Zanasiu with a request that he mentor his daughter, who shares a similar interest in molecular biology. When they meet in person, he reveals that he knows about the huge danger Dragonstorm poses, and authorizes his daughter to join James' team on their assault of Pelvanida. (Survival of the Fittest).

Later, Admiral Tennes arrived via helicopter to rescue the surviving members of James' team from the Dragonstorm A-2 after they'd assaulted and blown up the oil rig. He offered all of them millions of dollars in hush money and other rewards for staying silent about the extreme threat they'd just eradicated. (Disruptive Selection)

While Steven Johnson, Oscar Shelton, and Carol Smithson were imprisoned in the Carson City Camp brig, Steven called Aisha and she asked whether she should call Donald and pull some strings. Steven declined, suspecting that Donald would not by sympathetic to their plans to bail Sophie out. (Next of Kin)


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