Dolon was a member of DS-1.

Character historyEdit

before September 2009Edit

Dolon was placed on DS-1 after the team's disastrous mission at Zzyzx Desert Studies Center showed that they were inadequately qualified in stealth missions. Dolon was chosen because as Dr. Winters' assistant, he had to test the effectiveness of security turrets by trying to evade them. His first mission with DS-1 was at SORA Gas & Electric.

At SORA, Dolon traveled with DS-1 to investigate the fate of DS-4, who had gone missing. Like the rest of the team, he surrendered his weapons at the door.

In Sir Beys' office, Dolon was attacked by autoturrets, and was among the teammates to escape the office. After that, he, Achates, and temprorarily Protesilaus set out in search of the security room. They were unable to find it, but learned from Kenneth Palin about how Sir Beys corrupted the facility. Dolon and Achates barely survived an attack by Sir Beys, and Dolon found himself in a storage room above Sir Beys' office. He managed to break into a closet and retrieve several valuable items: a corner screen, a repulsor, and, most importantly, a Thor's Iris. Taking these items, he attempted to reach Achates.

He was distracted by several guards, and ultimately trapped in the wind tunnel. He was later rescued by Amphinomus and Protesilaus.

When the three fought SIr Beys, he was the only one not incapacitated, and saved all three of their lives by opening the Thor's Iris above them as the base collapsed on top of them.

After the base was destroyed, Shelton and Camilla rescued the other teammates, who were trapped under the Thor's Iris.(Nietzsche's Soldiers 2)

At some point, he won a Commendation for Special Services to the Order.

September 2009Edit

On what would prove to be DS-1's final mission, the team set out to locate and destroy the group being led by James. After 48 hours of straight searching, they set up a trap for a van with James and a number of others in it, but in the ensuing firefight every member of DS-1 except Achates was killed. Dolon was hit with pepper spray by Keith Bailey during the firefight, and attempted to surrender afterwards. He was then shot in cold blood by Cobalt Leader. (Disruptive Selection)


  • While viewing the crner screen, Dolon mentioned that the screen was either yellow or blue tinted. This would imply that he had tritanopia.


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