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The desert settlement was a collection of huts and an independent community that existed in the deserts of Nevada, outside Carson City. It is the origin of the terrorist faction.

It was established by Halsey, who needed a force to invade Pelvanida to construct the Einstein-Rosen bridge to rescue his sister from the anti-matter universe. (Ground One) He collected the outcast, the jobless, and the abandoned. All became incredibly loyal to him as he blamed technology for their plights and rallied them to prepare to retaliate.

In February 2009, he took a sizeable fighting force and invaded Pelvanida. He and almost everyone who participated died, and none returned. The survivors were grieved, but could only continue existing. Halsey's daughter, Pomson, who has originally been denied privilege to join the Pelvanida attack, left the settlement at this time. ("CS:The Man Who Was an Island")

The settlement apparently had a squadron of Messerschmitt planes that were not sent on the Pelvanida attack; these assulted a group of Dragonstorm airliners in September 2009 and were destroyed when Hans Donitz radioed their weaknesses in design to Rudyard Shelton, a passenger on a threatened airliner. Shortly after this, Hans and Werner Donitz joined the settlement in order to give them much-needed leadership and put the past behind them. (Disruptive Selection) During his time as leader, Werner formed a relationship with Pomson, and also witnessed his father's death from Shelton's disease. (the Disease)

Eventually Pomson left, but surprisingly reappeared in 2033. She wrested power from Werner and prepared the settlement for a vengeful plot against the approaching James Zanasiu Jr, Malte Kerzach, and Florence Brennan, children of several Pelvanida defenders. At a crucial moment, Werner verbally swayed the crowd away from her and Junior defeated her in single-hand combat. The settlers finally put the past behind them, and allowed the three to leave unharmed. ("CS:Signs of the Father")

Two months later, Johan, a survivor of the initial Pelvanida assault, finally worked up the courage to return home. ("CS:The Meaning of Love")