Delta squad was a team of Pelvanida security guards who worked for Dragonstorm after the organization took over the base following the terrorist invasion. None of the members were named, and only "Delta Leader" got any lines.


In July 2009, Delta squad fought against James' team and anyone who allied with them. They were the first on the scene when the helicopter containing Rudyard Shelton crashed through the roof. They captured him, interrogated him, and locked him in a laboratory. Later, they searched the kitchens, forcing James' team and members of the Anti-Dragonstorm Alliance to retreat from the ADSA HQ to the control room.

Later, they captured Shelton, Yuri Kerzach, Alfred Byford, Werner Donitz, and Hans Donitz, and locked them in several holding cells. When the team escaped, Delta squad pursued them, ending in them meeting the team disguised as Dragonstorm members. Delta Leader recognized Shelton's scent, and invited "Roger Simpson" into an empty room to kill him. Shelton killed her with a hidden pistol, and the rest of Delta squad was killed by the other members of Shelton's team. (Survival of the Fittest)

It was later revealed that one member of Delta squad, Pvt. Ethan Garner, survived the incident at Pelvanida, and as of September 2009 was recuperating at Culeston General Hospital. He briefly encountered James' team. (Disruptive Selection)


  • The "Greek" teams serve as precursors to the later DS teams which operated out of Lab 101.
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