Delta Leader was a Dragonstorm commando.

Character historyEdit

July 2009Edit

Delta Leader and her squad apprehended Rudyard Shelton after he survived a helicopter crash through Pelvanida's roof. After torturing him for information, she left his handcuffed to a chair.

Later, she led her team to go investigate a rogue experiment in Lab 101. She was enraged when she learned an escaped Dr. Shelton was the reason the experiment went rogue, but she failed in capturing him when he, Ridley, and Yuri Kerzach flew through a hole in the ceiling. Gamma Leader and his squad met up with Delta Leader, her squad, and Metal Storm and sweeped the Double Helix Cafe for James' team. Finding nothing, Delta Leader left with her squad to help oversee Operation Exodus. When Shelton attempted to sneak aboard as Eli Storke, she identified Shelton by smell and led him to an empty room to kill him. He shot her to death with a hidden pistol. (Survival of the Fittest)


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