Dean Nixon was the chef at the cafeteria (formerly known at the Double Helix Cafe) of Pelvanida Research Base. He later became a member of the Anti-Dragonstorm Alliance.

Character historyEdit

Prior to February 2009Edit

Sometime before the terrorist invasion, he informed Rudyard Shelton that the cafe was out of salt-and-vinegar chips. (Darwins Soldiers)

Prior to July 2009Edit

Nixon did not lose his job in the ensuing chaos following the invasion. When the base was being fixed up, he took the opportunity to reserve a section of the meat lockers as an ADSA HQ.

Nixon first met James' team when Wayne Anthony sent out a call to all members of ADSA to join them. Nixon participated in the chase scene through Las Vegas. (Survival of the Fittest)

Since Anthony and Drs. Fenton Bradley, Allan Falco, and Erik Bjurling were stated to be the only surviving members of ADSA, Nixon presumably died before the events of September 2009.


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