The Furtopia reboot was an attempt to revive the dead role-play Darwin's Soldiers (Furtopia), by restarting from fresh. It died as well, but can be read here.

It included a number of parallel characters from its predecessor, including Dragore Wing, Michael Garrelli, and Eclipse, who is now a main character. Dr. Jan Orlich is a replacement of James Zanasiu and Keith Bailey was made to fill the role Rudyard Shelton did in the Gang of Five continuity, when Shelton proved that a tech-focused/non-combat character helped further the plot.

Unlike its predecessor, which focused mainly on the terrorist invasion for its duration, in this continuity the terrorists soon grew out of focus and an evil group of scientists responsible for Dragore and his brother Lupis' torture and forced transformation took center stage. The entire roleplay was declared non-canon when the story Card of Ten dictated that the original Furtopia role-play is the anti-matter universe.

A memo quoted in this post indicates that this role-play took place in 2008, unlike its canon counterpart which took case in 3008.

This version of Pelvanida, as well as the child of Lupis Wing, appear in Into the Black.

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