Darwin's Soldiers drabbles is the name Serris gave to a thread he posted where he would post short stories about Darwin's Soldiers of varying canon. The stories can be read here.


This story takes place during Survival of the Fittest. It details an alternate way the heroes could have entered Pelvanida and is considered non-canon.

Characters: Aisha Tennes, Micah Landon, Alfred Byford, James Zanasiu, Zachary Johnson, Werner Donitz, Hans Donitz, Ryu Kagetora, Cale, Neku, Slash and Roy Hawkeye. Agito also appears despite not being mentioned in Serris' posted character sheet.


This story chronicles Keegan O'Neil's theft of Zachary's cell growth accelerant samples. It takes place in James' laboratory before Darwin's Soldiers (GOF RP) and is considered canon.

Characters: Keegan O'Neil, Zachary Johnson. A note from Neville Ivers also appears.

unnamed story 3Edit

This story chronicles Riley and Dr. Kurt Bradley attempting to interrogate Dr. Ian Branston regarding the special circumstances surrounding Lab 101. It takes place in the control room between the first and second RPs and is considered canon.

Characters: Riley, Fenton Bradley, Ian Branston.

Pelvanida's TwilightEdit

A non-canon "crack fic" that combines Darwin's Soldiers with The Land Before Time characters. It is considered non-canon.

Drs. Yuri Kerzach and Rudyard Shelton visit the Advanced Weapons Testing Room and observe several characters testing out equipment. Then they hear alarms go off and return to the control room where they send out a red alert. Several Land Before Time characters fire on the terrorists and the story ends with a warning that a building battle was close.

Characters: Yuri Kerzach, Rudyard Shelton, Ovius, Ducky, Pietr Kozlov, Ruby,Chomper, unnamed blue Fast Runner

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