Darien Walters was a driver who worked for Dragonstorm.

Character historyEdit

July 2009Edit

Darien was the driver of Lab 101 during its escape from Pelvanida.

August 2009Edit

Because he had been driving Lab 101, Keegan O'Neill knew that Darien wasn't the individual that attacked him during the escape. Because of this, he used Darien to guard research stations and other important sites around the Dragonstorm camp. Darien was knocked out with everyone else during Dr. Bruce Tinner's experiment. (Nietzsche's Soldiers)

September 2009Edit

Darien had been asleep minutes before the attack on Lab 101, and was roused to help the evacuation. He was driving the SUV that Ajax, Shelton, Yuri Kerzach and Breathtaker climbed in during the evacuation of Pelvanida. When the convoy successfully reached Idaho Prison Base, Darien was awarded a Special Commendation for Bravery Under Fire, like the other occupants of the SUV. (Disruptive Selection)


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