Crimson Base was an establishment in Utah that served as a freelance branch of the United States Department of Defense. It's commander, Thomas Sterm, repeatedly utilized the base's resources to aid James' team in its war against Dragonstorm.

In February 2009, when the terrorists attacked Pelvanida, control room admin Rudyard Shelton sent a probe droid with 'SOS' carved on it to Crimson. Underestimating the severity of the situation, Crimson sent a single squad of four troopers. (Darwin's Soldiers)

After losing their jobs at Pelvanida, Victor Summers, Josephine Smithson, and Snow were transferred to Crimson Base, and formed a special forces team called Crimson Squad, which also incudedFeral Jones and Aiko. The three had been granted leniency from the government backlist since they commandeered a chopper and evacuated Pelvanida before the military got involved in the terrorist incident.

Crimson Squad and Cobalt Squad aided James' team again in their siege of Pelvanida in July 2009, though this time Cobalt was stationed at Carson City Camp. Another Crimson commando team later visited Pelvanida and alerted James' team to the imminent airstrike, allowing the team time to escape before a fleet of Crimson jets destroyed the facility. (Survival of the Fittest)

After Feral's death during the July 2009 incident, Vic assumed command of Crimson Squad, and the roster was increased to include Chase, Eron, Tank, Erin Matthews, Mallard, and Ice. The team was sent to investigate the S.S. Surrounded Sea in September 2009, and participated in its destruction.

At Crimson, Pelvanida survivors Wayne Anthony, Fenton Bradley, Erik Bjurling, and Allan Falco successfully created a serum that could strip experiments of their psionic powers. The serum was created using Siberys as a voluntary test subject.

James' team briefly visited Crimson Base in September 2009, and Sterm told James to attack Texas Base. Aydin Marcos assaulted a superior officer during this time, sparking animosity between him and the Crimson soldiers that remained until Aydin left the team.

New Peenemunde Harbor, a Florida-based Dragonstorm base under command of Ezekiel, constructed a missile and destroyed Crimson Base soon after James' team left. Wayne and Siberys were the only known survivors, though Crimson Squad survived due to being dispatched on a helicopter at the time. (Disruptive Selection)

Other versionsEdit

Crimson Base existed in the anti-matter universe. All of its personnel died as well, though due to their own actions. (Ground One)

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