The control room admin was a high administrative position in Pelvanida Research Base. He worked in the control room, and completed a variety of jobs, such as approve project budgets, oversee the base, and serve as a relay for radio transmissions. He is assisted by a technician, and in case of his inability to perform his job there is a back-up admin to take his place.

Dr. Denning-Rodger was the control room admin for 34 years before hiring Shelton for the job. (Ask the Characters)

During the terrorist invasion, the control room admin was Rudyard Shelton, and his assistant was unofficially Yuri Kerzach, who replaced the deceased unnamed technician. The back-up technician was Dr. Robin Kyle. (Darwin's Soldiers)

After the previous individuals lost their jobs, Dr. Ian Branston became the new control room admin, with Keith Bailey as back-up admin. The technician was again unnamed. (Survival of the Fittest)

With the destruction of Pelvanida, Branston became the last control room admin of Pelvanida.

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