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Cobalt Squad was a team of commandos sent repeatedly to aid James' team in several major events. None of the teammates were given names until Disruptive Selection


Team history[]

In February 2009, Cobalt Squad was sent by Crimson Base to aid in the terrorist invasion, though Crimson was unaware of the severity or nature of the problem and, had they known it was a massive invasion, would have sent more men. Cobalt Squad was the only form of military aid the Pelvanida received for the entire incident. At this time, Cobalt Squad was only four personnel large, and ony referred to themselves by number, i.e. "Cobalt Three."

Other than "Cobalt Leader", the only team member to receive any sort of individual characterization was "Cobalt Three", who was revealed to be the team medic. (Darwin's Soldiers) Later, Sharon Redfield was revealed to be team medic. (Disruptive Selection)

Cobalt Squad aided James' team again in the July 2009 siege of Pelvanida. This time, they started off from Carson City Camp and contained five members, Crota having been added to the team. (Survival of the Fittest)

At the beginning of events in September 2009, Cobalt Leader sent only Crota and Masters to aid James's team, though the rest of the team later joined them. Sharon Redfield was killed during the shootout at the Schutzhund competition. Zachary Slavik was killed when he pushed Kiara out of the way of incoming gunfire during a shootout in Texas Base. Masters became the new squad leader following his death. (Disruptive Selection)

In October 2009, Cobalt Squad was among the Carson City Camp personnel sent to the Red Dune Caves after Rudyard Shelton and Aisha Tennes attempted to steal a vehicle to rescue James Zanasiu, Werner Donitz, and Cale. Cobat Squad was sent through the Einstein-Rosen bridge to apprehend the captured members of Richard Warden's men. (Pavlov's Checkmate)

As of 2039, Crota was the only surviving member of Cobalt Squad. (‘’Disruptive Selection’’)