Cimarron was the stripping name of Kendra Grillion, who was the leader of the Stripper mafia before 2033.

When she almost bankrupted the mafia securing a stolen Einstein-Rosen bridge for smuggling, her second-in-command Asusana used the opportunity to size control of the mafia and throw out Cimarron. Cimarron escaped with her life and began organizing a coup of her own, as well as secure paperwork that would legitimize the bridge as an official part of Tenant's Way's economy.

She recieved a stroke of luck when Malte Kerzach and Florence Brennan stole the bridge key and then asked Cimarron for help in rescuing their friend James Zanasiu Jr. Pushing the coup ahead of schedule, she sent Florence and Malte to warn Kamaile Melodie and then wrested control back of the mafia. When confronted by Pomson, she revealed her paperwork legitimizing the bridge, and then reformed the mafia into the Stripper Police Force. ("CS:Under-Covered")

Two months later she allowed Junior and Florence to jump through her bridge to enter Dr. James Zanasiu's time stream. ("CS:The Meaning of Love")

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