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Christopher Reynolds, commonly referred to by his rank "PFC", (Private First Class), was a renegade Dragonstorm guard at Pelvanida.

Character history[]

July 2009[]

PFC Reynolds was one of several guards guarding the control room when James' team assaulted it. When he quickly became the last surviving guard, he surrendered, stating he didn't care enough about Dragonstorm to die for it. The team apprehended him, and due to his attitude was not heavily guarded, though he wasn't allowed weaponry either.

He finally proved his change of heart when he brutally reprimanded Gary Noleson, a different guard who was captured, though unlike Reynolds acted deceitfully and claimed allegiance to Dragonstorm until the end. Reynolds participated in the car chase through Las Vegas and survived the destruction of Pelvanida. (Survival of the Fittest)

September 2009[]

Reynolds lived an undercover life under a fake name to avoid the police, though James Zanasiu still knew his identity, as did several high-ranking workers at Crimson Base. Reynolds traveled with James' team for amyn missions until finally settling down at Crimson Base once Thomas Sterm promised to get his crimes pardoned. However, Reynolds was killed like almost everyone else when New Peenemunde Harbor nuked Crimson, killing almost everyone present. (Disruptive Selection)


  • Reynolds was the first Dragonstorm member to renounce the organization and join James' team to fight them, and the only one in Survival of the Fittest.