&nbsp Carson City Camp was a military base stationed in the capital city of Nevada. It's commanding officer was Jake Moby in 2009. Donald Tennes is another high-ranking officer.

Sometime before the terrorist incident, Biff Carlo was being held at Carson City Camp due to hacking into government files. Dr. Bruce Tinner temporarily bailed him out to get another test subject for his virtual-reality machine. (Schrodinger's Prisoners)

In February 2009, Carson City Camp sent Cobalt Squad to check on Pelvanida, since they recieved a strange probe droid. This proved to be the only form of military

reinforcement sent to aid Pelvanida for the entire terrorist incident. (Darwin's Soldiers)

In July 2009, Jake Moby authorized an off-the-books mission whereby James' team would infiltrate Pelvanida and forcibly extricate Dragonstorm, a dangerous underground society that had taken root. After Pelvanida was destroyed, James' team returned and were advised to go into hiding. (Survival of the Fittest)

In October 2009, Donald Tennes' daughter Aisha Tennes, as well as Thomas Stern and the surviving personnel from both Pelvanida and Crimson Base were stationed there. When James Zanasiu contacted Aisha for help finding Hans Donitz, she brought a jeep and some hunting rifles. Later, she and Rudyard Shelton tried to sneak back into the camp and steal some more vehicles, but were captured. Luckily Jake Moby sent an official platoon of troopers to recover the Einstein-Rosen bridge, and provided the necessary backup. (Pavlov's Checkmate) Steven Johnson, Oscar Shelton, and Carol Smithson were held at Carson City Camp for six months after this. (Ask the Characters)

When Sophie Donitz visited Earth, she repeatedly insisted to be taken to Carson City Camp until Dayton police obliged her. While she was their guest, Whittaker and Jake Moby attempted to keep her held overnight so she could be analyzed for scientific advancement, but Steven, Oscar, and Carol bailed her out, cured her of her illness and returned her to Pelvanida in time to make her bridge. (Next of Kin)

Mitchell Crota was station commander by 2033. By 2039 he had an assistant named Waterson and a bodyguard named Stamda (Disruptive Selection). Pomson was also stationed here, and returned here by James Zanasiu Jr, Malte Kerzach, and Florence Brennan when she went rogue. (Chasing Seconds)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Carson City Camp is the only major location that survives all three role-plays.
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